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Teejri 2018

Where was Teejri Festival Celebrated in 2018 ?

This report is based on search keywords, page hits and avg time spent on during Teejri Festival. We have tried to fetch the data and plot that on World map for your further evaluation. These numbers might not be 100% accurate, but very interesting to see the way Sindhis are reaching to for festival details.

Teejri Report 2018



Teejri 2018 celebration photos & Videos

Teejri Katha which is done prior to Moonrise. This photo is from Ulhasnagar, India on 29-Aug-2018


Teejri Mehandi Design Photo by Pooja Punjabi from Mumbai, India

Teejri Mehandi Pooja Punjabi, Mumbai

Teejri Moonrise view from Thane, India

Rakesh and his wife during Teejri Moonrise in Ulhasnagar on 29-Aug-2018.

Manju, Muskan & Nisha in Teejri Moonrise photo on 29-Aug-2018

Teejri Festival celebrated by Saat Suhagniyu Ladies group in Vijaywada, INDIA


Teejri Festival celebrated by Saat Suhagniyu Ladies group in Vijaywada, INDIA

Teejri Song dance performance by Saat Sahelliya Group of Vijaywada, INDIA

Teejri Comedy Video by Driven Hazari of Sindhionism

Teejri Festival Moonrise time across world 2018

Well, the wait is over and here is the sheet with complete details of moon rise across the world. This is most awaited post for the Sindhi women who observe Teejri Fast across the world. Argh is offered to Moon with Agarbatis on moonrise which is the way to break the full day Teejri Fast.

Teejri Festival Moonrise time for year 2018

Moon rise time for City/Countries is mentioned as per Sindhi population in these regions of the world. All the timings are as per the local time of that country/timezone. Teejri Moonrise Time mentioned is for horizon view of the Moon. If you do not have Horizon view in the east, It may take about an hour or more for actual visibility of Moon depending on your location / altitude. We have added few more cities / countries to the list. Let us know if you wish to add moonrise time of the city country not in the list or wish to add your city / country in future Teejri moonrise sheet.

Once you’ve seen the Moon, you can give Argh & pray as mentioned in the rituals page and break the Teejri fast and eat your favourite Daal Chawal, Tariyal Patata. Hot Fried Potatoes with turmeric & spices. Some Sindhi families also make Kheecha Papad as supplement.

Tohan Sabhni khey Teejri joon Wadhayoon.

سڀني کي ٽيجڙيءَ جون واڌايون

Happy Teejri…

  • Russia Moscow 8:50 PM
  • India Kolkata 7:55 PM
  • India Chennai 8:28 PM
  • India Delhi 8:40 PM
  • India Mumbai 8:58 PM
  • Pakistan Islamabad 8:27 PM
  • Pakistan Karachi 8:52 PM
  • Sri Lanka Colombo 8:30 PM
  • Nigeria Lagos 9:15 PM
  • South Africa Johannesburg 8:35 PM
  • UAE Dubai
  • UAE Abu Dhabi
  • Oman Muscat
  • Saudi Arabia Riyadh
  • Germany Berlin
  • France Paris
  • Finland Helsinki
  • Spain Valencia
  • Spain Madrid
  • UK London
  • USA New York
  • USA Chicago
  • USA San Francisco
  • Belmopan Belize
  • Japan Tokyo
  • Singapore Singapore
  • China Beijing
  • China Hongkong
  • Indonesia Jakarta
  • Philippines Manila
  • Australia Sydney

Teejri India Moonrise time for mobile

Teejri India Moonrise time image for mobile and whatsapp forwards.


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Teejri is a Sindhi Hindu Festival where Girls fast & pray for suitable groom and married women for wellbeing & safety of husband. This is traditional ritual which comes from old days. Sindhis used to do business / vyapar on rivers and sea by boat. They used to travel across far away lands for trade which could sometimes lasts for months. There was no mode of communication to know if all went well. There was a belief in Sindhi ladies in those days that that husbands would return safe by making Teejri Mata happy and fasting on this day.


Mehandi Design Radha Narwani Mumbai India_WM

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