Teejri is Sindhi Festival where Girls fast & pray for suitable groom

Generally this fast is observed by married women and teenager girls, though some boys and men too join them at times.

On Teejri, before the break of dawn, who ever wish to fast, must have something sweet such as Lola (a thick, unleavened flatbread made from jaggery and/or sugar), Mithai, Kokiwith Rabri,  or anything that will help him/her to sustain a food-less day ahead. This morning ritual is called Assur.



In the morning, one must use Mussag/Musak (Miswak) instead of toothbrush /toothpaste. Musaag is a teeth cleaner made from a twig of the Salvadora persica tree. It has immense medicinal properties and is excellent to drive away the tooth and gum problems. It not only fights plaque, bad breath, kills bacteria, reduces tooth decay, but also helps to increase salivation and hence preventing the occurrence of Xerostomia (Abnormal dryness of the mouth).



After the bath, one can visit a temple or Tikana, and offer the prayers. Such Tikanas make sure that there is either a wheat grass or a small mango shrub sown in an earthen pot, so that the worshipers can offer water mixed with sugar, carrot chunks, basil leaves etc and light incense sticks.

After the Puja, one can have some tea or milk and young girls or elderly ladies can have some fruits too. Generally females apply Mehendi (Henna), or spend day doing light work and spending some good moments with neighbors, friends and family while waiting for the dusk.


In the evening, the womenfolk do ‘shingar’, get ready for the occasion, wearing bright clothes and jewellery. They can have some tea or milk before visiting a tikana to hear the  ‘Teejri Katha‘. Generally the women carry some wholewheat flour, cucumber, carrot etc and offer this to the priest, generally a lady  (Brahmani/ Bhambryani). The katha is repeated for number of times, by the Brahman/ Brahmani, so that every batch of worshipers can hear it. Once back from temple, even water couldn’t be consumed till the moon rise.


While waiting for the moon rise, an ‘argh’ is kept ready, wherein in a bowl, some steamed white rice, along with raw milk, sugar and chopped cucumber is  mixed. A glass or ‘loti’ filled with water , and earthen lamp and some incense sticks are kept ready.


And when the moon rises, the argh is offered thrice, followed by offering water and lighting diya and incense sticks. The following verse is chanted while offering’ argh’ :


Teejri aye khumbra vesa kare (Teejri comes with luck)

aayon jo goryon (for you I will offer you a jug of milk) lotiyon kheer bare”. (Source of this chant is here).

Now the person observing the fast can have some water, followed by consuming some of the ‘argh’ and then can have a satvik meal. Mostly a meal of simple Dal, Rice, Potatoes and roti is consumed. Use of onion and garlic is prohibited.

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How to download katha in hindi nd full ritual ..

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good information. how to download the katha?

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