Teejri is Sindhi Festival where Girls fast & pray for suitable groom

Teejri Moonrise time across world 2016

 Aug 21,2016  

This is most awaited part of Teejri for all the women who fast for good groom or married ones for husbands. You can gaze the sky in east as per this sheet. Moon rise time for these City/Countries is mentioned as per Sindhi population in these regions. All timings are as per local time of that country/timezone. Time mentioned is for horizon view of the Moon. It may take about an hour or more for actual visibility of Moon depending on your location / altitude. This time we have added few more cities / countries to the list. Let us know if you wish to add moonrise time of the city country not in the list or wish to add your city / country in future Teejri moonrise sheet. Once you’ve seen the Moon, you can give Argh & pray as mentioned in the rituals page and break the Teejri fast and eat. Tohan Sabhni khey Teejri joon Wadhayoon. سڀني کي ٽيجڙيءَ جون واڌايون Teejri Festival Moonrise time for year 2016

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Where was Teejri Festival Celebrated ?

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Where was Teejri celebrated in 2016?

22-Aug-2016 08:51 am
Thanks for the information. True we saw moon at 11.25 pm here in France because of the clouds.

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