Teejri is Sindhi Festival where Girls fast & pray for suitable groom

Teejri Mata Katha with Palav, Chandra Darshan & Palav


Teejri Mata Katha at Lokeshwar Temple Thane


“Teejri Mata Katha” by Smt. Kanta from Tulsidas Darbar, Sindhunagar/Ulhasnagar 421004.

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Teejri Mata Ji Katha:
As read by  Smt. Kanta from Tulsidas Darbar, Sindhunagar/Ulhasnagar 421004.

Lakshmichand nale hikro seth dhani ain Dharmatma ho Hunakhe hikri kanya ae ba putta hua

Huna pehnje kanya jo vivah doordesh me karayo ho

Huna ja bai putta anya nandaa hua

Seth Lakshmichand khe yagna karar jo vichar thiyo. Una laye brahmand kha Mahurat kadae pehnje bini puttan khe pehenje khe pehenje kanya khe vathi achar laye moklio

Bai bhaura pehnje bher je ghar pauta ae huna khe gadhi vathi vanyar chayo, par una je bher khe Teejri jo virt ho.

Jiye ta bhauran khe Teejri je bare me khabar kona hui, hik bhav var te chari kare pehnje bher khe thali dekhare chayo “dis chand nikto thai”

Rupwanti thali khe chand samjhi arg dei bhojan kayo ae virt toriyo. Virt je bang thiar je kare, Rupwanti jo murs gehri nind me hali viyo.

Jade Rupwanti khe kuch bhi samjame kona piyo ache, Unan je bhauran una khe sabh sach budayo.

Rupwanti pehnje suhaag khe god me sumare sajo sall seva ae puja kandi rahi.

Vari Jade Sawan jo mehno ayo, tade Teejri jo virt rahi raat jo chandrama khe kache kheer me khand viji arg dinai.

Jade bachal kheer pehnje murs je vaat me vidai, tade unajo murs chaak channo bhalo thi viyo

Jeko bh premi sachi nishchaye san Teejri jo virt rakhi katha prem sa Parando ya budandho, hunanju sabh manokamnaun sidh sakar Thindiyun.



The legend goes like this….
Long long ago, there was a religious and  wealthy merchant named  Lakshmichand. He lived a contended life with his daughter Roopwanti and two sons, Ramesh and Krantichand. Soon the daughter was married in a distant village.
One day the merchant wished to perform a holy ritual, the Yagna, and consulted a Brahmin(Holy priest) for the apt Muhurat (Auspicious time for any ritual)The merchant send his sons to invite and bring along his daughter, so that she can be a part of pious event. The two brothers, reached the home of Roopwanti and were welcomed by her. She asked them to freshen up and have some meal and relax before they start their journey back home. The brothers asked Roopwanti to join them for the meal but she refused saying that she was fasting on account of Teejri, and that she can only eat after the moonrise. Her brothers told her that they too shall wait for the moon to rise.

The boys were young and perhaps unaware of the significance of the fasting and its rituals. The rich boys knew not, what hunger is, and they were too exhausted due to traveling.Soon the hunger pangs made them restless and being unable to wait anymore for the moonrise, one of the brother of Roopwanti, climbed up a distant tree and held a plate and burning earthen lamp in such a way that it appeared like a moon. The other brother went in, and called Roopwanti, convincing her that the moon was up in the sky. Roopwanti fell in their trap and offered the ‘Argh’ (A mixture of milk, sugar and cooked rice) to the moon and they all had their meal together. Since she didn’t completed the ritual in proper manner, terminating her fast abruptly, her husband got a stroke of paralysis.

Roopwanti was shocked and hurt after knowing how her own brothers have cheated her. She had the tears of remorse for trusting her brothers.
Being a dutiful wife, she looked after her bedridden husband, with great care and sincerity. Soon a year passed, and it was time again to fast for Teejri. This time Roopwanti performed the rituals properly and after moonrise, she offered Argh to the moon and fed the prasad to her ill husband. Miraculously soon her husband was fit and fine again.

Whoever fast on the auspicious day of Teejri, with clear conscience, praying to Teejri Mata, abstaining from food till moonrise, and then have a Satvik meal at the end of the day, will surely reap the benefits of long and happy married life.

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